Final Project:

Video Essay: The Representation Of Transgenders In Movies And TV Shows

This video deals with the representation of transgenders in movies and Tv Shows from stereotypes of the criminal, comic and drug addict character to the progress of some more human portrayals. I used movies from the 50s until now. Here are the ones I used:
Boys Don’t Cry / Chouchou / Dallas Buyers Club/ Dressed To Kill / La Mala Educacion / Laurence Anyways / Le Père Noël Est Une Ordure/ Ma Vie En Rose / Orange Is the New black / Psycho/ Tacones Lejanos/ The Adventures Of Prescilla, Queen Of The Desert/ The Rocky Horror Picture Show/ The Silence Of The Lambs/ Todo Sobre Mi Madre/ Tomboy/ Transamerica/ Transparent.


2 réflexions au sujet de “Final Project:”

  1. Sophie,

    What a remarkable video. Not only does it flow very well and offer a number of fascinating scenes and character but it feels well-thought out and covers necessary territory when it comes to representing LGBT issues. The only thing I would have perhaps changed is your usage of “transgenders” (as a plural); scanning your script I noticed you never used it (it’s quite antiquated and sounds off; your usage of “trans” towards the end of the video feels more apt, especially as you’re clearly not making a distinction between transexual and transgender). Otherwise, very strong.
    Good work!

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